Contract Research

Contract Research

Ardent operates a full-service laboratory to provide diagnostic services, validation testing, and novel research.  From assay development to cell culture, Ardent’s team of scientists and leaders can help you with your current technology or future research needs. 


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Case Studies

Assessing Cell Viability of Fresh and Frozen Human Jurkat Cells

Client Requirements: 3D culture generation of 1×10^9 Human Jurkat T Cells isolated fresh and assessed for viability. Cells were grown in culture, isolated and evaluated utilizing a novel equipment system. A viability testing was conducted to validate throughput of the device. Cells were stored at Vapor Phase Liquid Nitrogen for further assessment.

Flow Cytometry Assessment of Canine Adipose-Derived Stem Cells

Client Requirements: Utilizing Flow Cytometry to assess cell markers consistent with canine mesenchymal cells from fresh and frozen cell preparations.  Gene Expression analysis of tissue healing factors pre and post activation of cells.

In Silico Design and Assessment of a Novel Immune Stimulant

Client Requirements: Generation of a novel species-specific adjuvant in silico. Assessed research material for intracellular TLR9 activation in vitro in comparison to standard off the shelf alternatives. Further evaluate IL-12 secretion to determine level of effectiveness.

Equine Protein Assay Development

Client Requirements: Comparison of human IL-6 yields in contrast to a novel process of equine protein recovery. Utilizing Human IL-6 ELISA to evaluate feasibility of Equine Protein recovery in a novel device.