ActiStem Therapy

ActiStem Therapy

Actistem Therapy is a breakthrough technology that allows veterinarians to utilize the patient’s own stem cells to treat their condition. Stem Cells are harvested from fat, processed in our lab, and administered to the patient in 72 hours. Leftover cells can be sent for cryo-storage for convenient treatments in the future.


This ability arises from repair cells that are found throughout our body. In the case of injury or disease repair cells are mobilized to damaged areas to attempt to fix the problem.


Due to injury and/or age sometimes our own repair abilities can use a jump-start. By using the horse’s own repair cells isolated from fat tissue in the body, this repair ability can be applied to areas of need.

Address Common Issues With Stem Cells

Ardent Animal Health’s university validated technology utilizes adipose derived stem cell therapy. Actistem allows you to isolate a patient’s own stem cells in your practice, activate, and then administer back in an expedited timeline to your equine patients. Fat (adipose) tissue is a proven, rich and safe source of adult stem cells and when isolated properly can offer the ability to treat the underlying cause of disease.

Mesenchymal stem cell therapy (MSCT) involves use of adult-derived mesenchymal stem cells to potentially restore health and proper function to damaged or diseased cells, tissue, and/or organs. MSCT has been widely researched in human medicine and used to treat osteoarthritis (OA), tendinopathies, and sports-related injuries.

Ardent Equine Actistem Lab Service applications include osteoarthritis, tendon & ligament injuries, degenerative joint disease, and other inflammatory diseases

Why Utilize Ardent's Stem Cell Therapy?

Regenerative medicine is rapidly growing in popularity in veterinary medicine. With changes occurring in the veterinary industry as a whole, veterinary practices need to be innovative in their approach to patient care. Regenerative medicine is a procedural based tool that can be added to veterinary practices to not only improve patient outcomes but improve your practice’s bottom line.

72-Hour Turnaround

5 Star Rating

Targets the Cause, Not Just the Symptoms

All Natural Approach

Chief the Horse Stem Cell Therapy

Meet Chief - The Equine Stem Cell Patient

“In 2016 my horse “Chief” had started limping to the point that I had taken him to the veterinarian and was told that he had no fluid in his joint on his left ankle. And that on a scale of 1-5 of lameness he was a 4. They told me to start on pain medication and that it would get worse and I needed to think about putting him down. His riding days were over. He was 12 at the time. I took him to 3 other veterinarians with the same answer. I was sitting in the airport and saw an article about a local veterinarian that did provide and stem cell therapy. So the next day I called Dr. Adams and set up an appointment. He looked at Chief and agree that he had no fluid in joint and would be recommend for PRP and stem cell. Chief was so bad at this point he hopped on three legs. It was heartbreaking to watch him walk. It took about 5 hours to get the stem cell spin them down and inject them in his joint. The healing process took about a year. But today. 7 years later. He is running and bucking all over the pasture. I can ride him on trail rides and he is on no pain medication. I know that with God and knowledge of this therapy Chief would not be alive today.”



-Paula M.